We are based in the heart of England and are therefore perfectly located to manufacture, distribute and service your new golf buggy.

For over twenty  years we have been helping golfers get to and around their golf course, trouble and pain free. Our aim is to put the pleasure back into your round of golf.

Our buggies are used on a variety of terrains ranging from the hilliest courses of Scotland and Wales to the flat links courses around our coastline. Subject of thorough research at Sheffield University, the buggy has been rigorously tested in terms of stress, stability and safety, capable of climbing slopes of up to 1:3, a speed of 8 MPH and a range, dependant on conditions and terrain, of up to 36 holes. Due to the highest quality electric motor(s) and gearbox(s) the Grass-hopper range will glide quietly over your fairways with no emissions.

There are four  models in the range, Junior, Cobra, Classic and Senior Pro - The Classic, Cobra & Junior Models are hand built here in the UK at our Nottinghamshire Factory.  We use only the highest quality components and materials. For example; Parvelux, British made Motors & Gearboxes, Industry Standard Curtis Power Controllers manufactured in the USA, MK Batteries also manufactured in the USA. The chassis and body mouldings are hand built in our factory by our fully trained and skilled engineers.
Senior Pro MkII

Senior Pro Mk II

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Cobra ATB

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Senior Pro

Senior Pro Mk I

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The Classic, Cobra  and Junior models have been designed with ease of use and transportation. The design criterion was to enable the buggy to fit comfortably in the rear of most family hatchbacks or estate vehicles, with the aid of ramps. This means NO HEAVY LIFTING. However, should the need arise; the buggy can be easily dismantled, within a minute, without tools and will fit into the boot of most family vehicles. The buggies are easily re-charged with a plug-in connection on the rear of the buggy. All buggies come with a fully automatic charger.
Grasshopper Golf Buggies are supplied with a 12 Month parts and labour warranty. Our mobile service team provide an excellent backup and maintenance service.
Since our first buggy back in 1992 (The Classic - Designed and developed in Chesterfield with the aid of the Engineering Faculty of Sheffield University), we have strived to continually refine and improve our designs; this culminated with the introduction in 2008 of two new models the ‘Classic SE’ and the ‘Junior SE’. The SE Range incorporated many body styling changes, including the introduction of our stylish ‘Cobra Snake Head Tiller’ this design of tiller uniquely positions all the controls and indicator lights conveniently in front of the driver, allowing easy access to the power switch, fine speed control, forward reverse switch and battery charge indicator.

2011 - We further refined our tiller design with a small but significant change to the handlebars. This new design of handlebar gives a more natural and comfortable seating position, this in turn (excuse the pun) improves the response of the steering, the slightly longer handlebars reducing the effort required to turn the wheels.

2014 - We consolidated all SE specifications and  improvements into our two main models - The Classic and Junior.

2015 - We have now increased our standard range of colours, all our buggies are now available in Red, White, Blue, Green and Yellow other colours are available at extra cost.

2015/16 - We introduced a new model the sturdy all terrain Grasshopper Cobra ATB Golf Buggy.

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