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The Grasshopper Golf Buggy is at the forefront of single seated machines on the market today. Its visual appearance is pleasing to the eye and is supported by the excellent quality of its design and build. Our Junior, Cobra and Classic models are designed in the UK, they are bespokely made to your requirements and are hand built to the highest standard in our Nottinghamshire factory. The Senior Pro has been manufactured in China by a very reliable and trusted partner for over 20 years.

Grasshopper Golf Buggies offer a range of models that suit your individual requirements. All our buggies use 12 Volt 75AH sealed lead acid (GEL) batteries that need no maintenance; our buggies easily cover 18 holes on the most demanding of courses, depending on conditions, we have customers who have achieved 54 holes on one battery charge.

The Cobra and Junior models are available in two sizes, approximately 27" or 30" to allow them to fit through most doorways.

All bespoke buggies are designed and manufactured, in our factory, to your requirements.

Since our first buggy (The Classic) was designed in Chesterfield back in 1992, we have strived to continually refine and improve our designs; this culminated with the introduction in 2008 of two new models the ‘Classic SE’ and the ‘Junior SE’. The SE Range incorporated many body styling changes, including the introduction of our stylish ‘Cobra Snake Head Tiller’ this design of tiller uniquely positions all the controls and indicator lights conveniently in front of the driver, allowing easy access to the power switch, fine speed control, forward reverse switch and battery charge indicator.

2011 - We further refined our tiller design with a small but significant change to the handlebars. This new design of handlebar gives a more natural and comfortable seating position, this in turn (excuse the pun) improves the response of the steering, the slightly longer handlebars reducing the effort required to turn the wheels.

2014 - We consolidated all SE specifications and improvements into our two main models - The Classic and Junior.

2015 - We have now increased our standard range of colours, all our buggies are now available in Red, White, Blue, Green and Yellow other colours are available at extra cost.

2015/16 - We introduced a new model the sturdy all terrain Grasshopper Cobra ATB Golf Buggy.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our buggies; however, in the rare event that anything should go wrong, we have a customer support team that will come to your house or golf club to get you back on the course as soon as possible.


Golf Buggies are all terrain vehicles, to minimise maintenance costs and callout fees, customers are advised to routinely check that nuts, bolts and electrical connectors are clean and secure.

Extended Warranty!

Buy Now and get an extra 3 months warranty on your Grasshopper Golf Buggy.

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