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We manufactured these electric cars for Young Driver Motor Cars Ltd. They were specially made for children between 6-11 for driving experience and are sent all over the world.

They have featured on television and are out most weekends.

The 20-minute Young Driver Experience is designed to offer children between the ages of 5-10 the chance to enjoy a driving session learning some of the basic skills such as steering, braking, and speed control. Juniors will receive a 5-minute briefing followed by 15 minutes driving around a special driving zone which has been designed by automotive experts.

The vehicle used is an electric car called ‘Firefly’. The Firefly cars were specially created for Young Driver and feature independent suspension, disc brakes, twin electric motors and rack and pinion steering – making them drive and handle just like real cars on the road.

The cars are two-seaters with an adjustable driver’s seat, so youngsters can be accompanied by mum, dad or a friend!


  • 5-minute briefing and demonstration
  • 15 minutes driving on a special driving zone in a Firefly
  • A complimentary Young Driver Firefly 'driving licence'


It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes before your lesson is due to start. The lesson is 20 minutes long.

Extras on the day:

Refreshments are available to purchase.

For more information about young driver experiences contact Ian Mulingani at Brandscape Group Ltd, Holy Grange, Holly Lane, Balsal Common, Coventry CV7 7EB.
Tel: 01675 445 800.

Young Drivers

Young Drivers

Young Drivers
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